Making the transition from lockdown to resume a normal working pattern is going to be a long process. Whilst there is no precedent for the process, I think we can safely assume that social distancing and extra safety precautions will have an impact on the day to day running of every business.

We have put together a plan and adjusted some services, that we think will meet your demands and that of your customers whilst observing social distancing rules, and help to maximise your efficiency during the months ahead.



Whilst we are coming out of lockdown, we shall only be conducting internal photography and video using the following procedures and conditions:

  • Upon arriving at the property, we will use antibacterial gel on our hands to sanitise them.

  • Initial meet and greet will be conducted outside of the property whilst observing at least 2 metres of separation.

  • The homeowner is to remain outside the property whilst we conduct video or photography.

  • We will not conduct photos or videos at the same time the estate agent is in the property. (We will schedule for 30 minutes after the estate agent is due to leave)

  • All internal doors to be left open by the homeowner.

  • If video is being conducted then all interior lights will need to be switched on by the homeowner.

  • We will not touch or move any items. (Which means that the house must be prepared, clean and tidy by the homeowner)

  • We carry antibacterial wipes and sprays and will wipe down/spray anything that we do have to touch. (door handle or light switches as an example).

  • We will wear masks to help prevent us from spreading any droplets or mists

  • Small rooms like En-suites may be ignored for video or photographs if they are particularly small.

  • We will contact the homeowner before arriving for the appointment to make sure that they do not have any symptoms and that they are happy to proceed.

  • On completion, hands will be sanitised by gel and any masks removed. 

  • Details will be given on any items that may have been wiped or touched for access, so the homeowner may sanitise the items themselves if they wish too as an extra layer of precaution.

  • We will not be wearing gloves inside, as this leads to a false sense of security and may lead to the touching of items that do not require to be touched. Should we need to touch anything, hands will be sanitised with gel, and an antibacterial wipe used after.

Please be aware that these rules are subject to continual review as the situation changes. They will be adjusted depending on Government advice on how to proceed with day to day working.

Because a greater level of social distancing can be achieved outside of the property, all that is required is for the client to remain indoors whilst we conduct photography or video externally.

We will still observe the correct social distancing precautions whilst interacting with the client.

To protect the client from us contaminating their property, we shall be wearing a face mask inside their property, using hand gels and wipes before and after entering a property.

We have looked at various ways of adjusting our services and pricing to help give you and your clients the best property coverage in the safest and most affordable way. We have scaled down some products to allow us to spend the minimum amount of time in a client's property, but still capture the best coverage possible prices have been reduced to reflect the level of service that we can safely carry out at this time. This will not affect the level of service you expect from us, it just means that we will not be able to go above what you expect from us, to help maintain and lower the risk involved in each house.


We are open to suggestions, so if you have an idea of how to progress during this time, please do get in touch to discuss further.

We feel that video will be the way forward as we come out of lockdown. Video will allow you to send the right people to the right homes and cut down on unwanted viewings whilst reducing the risk to your staff and clients.

Download our current working practices here.

"Smooth Pixels have provided us with exceptional professional photography for many of our houses, a really great service combined with good value for money means that our clients are always very happy with the results. The ability to offer both drone photography and video gives our houses a completely unique perspective and the digital video tours are second to none.  "

George Gray – GeorgeJames Properties 

A well-presented house with perfectly framed shots is key to grabbing any potential buyers attention.

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