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Marketing your property with video will allow you to make that unique first impression time and time again to everyone that views it. Using Video allows your Estate Agent to weed out the timewasters and only send potential buyers who have shown and interest in your property, giving you a nice advantage and cutting down on those that are just out for jolly and wasting your time.

Prices start with the Mini Tour from £75

The Harewood Showhome
The Langley Showhome
The Trentham Showhome
Elan Homes - Pippards Court

"The results we have seen with video-tours are outstanding. They have been compared to viewing a property, so the client knows exactly what they’re walking into." 

Daisy Parfit - Forest Marble

Smooth Pixels are the pioneers of the video walk through tours. It is our experience and adaptive techniques that allow us to capture every property in the best way imaginable.

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